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Our Services

Providing the best customer service is a major priority to Resource Management Inc.! Our concern for your satisfaction is one of the core values of our organization. Every Resource Management Representative has been carefully chosen for their ability to listen, not only to what you say, but what you mean. You can expect fast, accurate, reliable action with a commitment to superior service.

Resource Management’s Collection Team are all trained, supervised and managed with the client and patient in mind. We understand that medical services are frequently unexpected and patients are not always prepared to pay their medical bills. We listen and talk with the patient and come up with a mutually satisfactory resolution. The patient is treated with dignity and respect.

We offer a wide range of accounts receivable recovery services to our clients:

Electronic “Paperless” Transmissions

We have a secure, encrypted client access through our web site. This enables our clients with easy access to account information 24/7. Through our client login you have access to:

• Electronically place accounts with RMI. • Post payments on-line. • See collector notes. • Electronic Remittances & Reports. • Obtain recovery statistics. • Access to accounts you have placed with us. • Debtors also benefit from our technology, by making credit card or check payments on-line through our web site.

Web portal Client Access
Our web site client login provides our clients with easy and convenient access to electronic “paperless” transmissions.

Direct Collections
We specialize in medical accounts receivable collections. RMI has successfully collected medical bills for doctors, clinics and hospitals since 1975. Direct Collections are handled by our highly trained and experienced telephone collectors. Our staff is trained on how to collect on medical bills and to effectively work with patients to come up with a mutually satisfactory resolution. We effectively collect while preserving our client’s reputation.

Loan Program
This program was designed to help patients afford smaller monthly payments when minimum payment requirements are not feasible.

Direct Telephone Contacts
This is RMI’s most effective approach to collecting on delinquent accounts. Our collection team consists of highly trained and experienced telephone collectors who make direct telephone calls to the debtors.

Credit Bureau Reporting
We report all accounts to the credit bureau at no additional cost to you. Lending companies will require the debtor to satisfy their debts that are credit reported before extending any credit.

Payment Monitoring
Free up your staff by having us monitor your accounts with existing monthly payments. We will monitor these non-delinquent accounts. RMI will remind patients with calls and letters.

Early Out Program
This program is designed to handle your accounts receivables in the early stages of collections. We contact the patient as a representative of your office and work the account in accordance to your guidelines and policies.

Pre-Collection Service
RMI offers a pre-collect letter service to our clients. One to two letters are sent with our letter head explaining the importance of resolving their delinquent balance before the patient is sent to a collection agency.

Extended Business Office Program
RMI will provide highly trained and experienced professionals to handle any portion of your accounts receivables process. We will work on site in your office.

Customized Collection Letters

Effectively written collection letters approved by our legal counsel and the state banking commissioner are utilized when the patient cannot be reached by phone.

Skip Tracing Service
Patients with no current address or active phone number are worked by our skip tracing unit. They use a variety of tools and search engines to help them locate the debtor.

Legal Service
RMI provides legal services to our clients. Permission to litigate legal proceedings is obtained from the client.

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